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3rd album

"Toast To The Weekend"

Coming in late August

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Live @ El Puente, Yokohama

"Rock N' Roll Devil"

The Origine Of The Troubles

ロックンロール・トラブル (2013)

Now On Sale

1st album ¥1,905 (without tax)
1st album ¥1,905 (without tax)
  1. Remember my name
  2. Just my luck
  3. Flippin' a coin
  4. Ignorant
  5. Whiteout
  6. Orendain
  7. Keep on playin' rock n' roll
  8. Thanks woman

 ¥1,905 (without tax)

Rock N' Roll Devil

ロックンロール・デビル (2015)

Now On Sale

2nd mini album 1,296yen (without tax)
2nd mini album 1,296yen (without tax)
  1. Rock N' Roll Devil
  2. Defend To The Last
  3. Ancestral torch
  4. Bought & Sold

¥1,296 (without tax)

Toast to The Weekend


Released in  August 2019

3rd album ¥2,000(without tax)

  1. Blow The Wind
  2.  Toast To The Weekend
  3.  Lock Up Yesterday
  4. That Summer
  5. Southerly Sea Breeze through The Pine Trees
  6. You Belong Here
  7. Down To The west

¥2,000(without tax)